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  • I have a website that I am developing.
    I need to allow registration of users.

    Occasionally I get users (maybe bots) from somewhere trying to register.
    I have Wordfence installed. I can block user names.
    But then whoever it is, registers under a new name from the same domain.

    So, they will register as
    I block this user. They then register as
    After a few hours of being blocked, they register again.

    How best can I control? What plugin will help?
    I have ‘User Blocker’ installed – but this is pathetic and has nothing useful.

    Wordfence, I can’t see anything that allows me to block by IP (maybe it’s there, but I’m not seeing!)

    Previously when I looked, there was absolutely nothing that helped block users in any sophisticated way


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  • Using a captcha on the registration form may help:

    You can blacklist IPs in WordFence, if you’re able to catch the registration right after it happens, log into your WP dashboard, then go to WordFence->Tools in the left hand menu.

    Go to the Live Traffic tab at the top, then you can see recent traffic activity and block access to the IP there. Depending upon how malicious the user is, they may be using a different IP address each time.

    1. Using Wordfence might be not the best option for keeping your installation safe. Just saying.
    2. Try: and any recaptcha plugin for login.

    In banhammer you need to add two rules for each domain:

    – after that you will not get any more registrations from that domain 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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