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  • Thomas


    I am looking for a plugin that will rebuild my thumbnails with “letterboxed” sides, allowing the full image to show, but keeping a 1:1 (or possibly others, but 1:1 is something I can work with) aspect ratio. To my knowledge, AJAX thumbnail rebuilder will not allow me to do this. I have many images on my site (or will eventually), and do not have the time to create separate images each with the correct sizing.

    I do have a lot of weirdly portioned images, both very long and very tall, so I need a plugin that will do this both horizontally and vertically.

    The site I am working on uses a Photospace 2 plugin for a gallery. I am rebuilding the entire site from HTML to wordpress, so this is really my first wordpress venture, so take it easy on me if I don’t understand 🙂 Also, my site is *really* basic at the moment, I am still working on learning WordPress

    If you need to see the site, I am working on it at
    I am trying to make it look like

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