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  • Once again, I am taking requests for a plugin.

    I have quite a few different projects I am working on right now, so please do not ask for anything too complex.

    I will take the first request that I like (mainly meaning – have time for).

    Any takers? 🙂

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  • How about something that will limit the characters that are acceptable in comments? I’m looking for one like that, and that would truly rock.



    What did you have in mind as far as acceptable characters though? Like blocking all non-alphanumerics and whitespace or what?

    Just blocking everything except alphanumeric, whitespace (space bar), period, comma and maybe question mark and exclamation point.

    Basicly, so the the comments can have proper grammer, but not allow the ‘ ” % $ # ( ) * ^ < > / } { [ ] \ etc… So in other words, anything that could make up some sort of code to disrupt the database interaction and access to the website files.

    I can’t imagine it would be that hard, but I don’t know PHP and have no idea where to even start…



    Sounds like you’re looking for a spam filter.

    Not really. Unless a Spam Filter will stop these characters. I want to stop them from being able to be entered in comments only. I trust my bloggers, but not those people posting comments.

    Do you know of a Spam Filter Plugin that will do this? And what would the result be?

    I’ve thought about putting those characters in the Comment Blacklist and seeing what would happen… I would add a line in the post_comment script (whatever it’s called) stating that any of those characters being used would cause the comment not to post…


    Sorry to fill your generous post Aleister.


    WordPress already does a pretty decent job of keeping code from executing in comments. There should be no danger. If there was, there would surely be a WordPress security update very soon 😉

    I do not think it is that great of an idea really, because people will get kind of upset if every comment they post with a parenthesis, double quote, etc.. is deleted automatically.

    Okay, valid arguements. This is totally off topic of your post, but can someone either give me, or direct me to where I can get some scripting to defend WordPress, and to support it’s inherent security?

    Then I may not have to worry about this at all…



    If you really want to, you could try the following code. It should just strip out anything besides letters, numbers, whitespace, and periods 🙂

    In wp-comments-post.php

    Find this line:

    $comment_content = trim($_POST['comment']);

    After it, add this line:

    $comment_content = preg_replace("/[^A-Za-z0-9s+.]/i", "", $comment_content);

    (my regular expressions are rusty heh)

    Well, your regex works pretty well, but how would I get it to allow spaces? It just pushed all the characters together in one big word.



    Ah, actually there should be a backslash before the s. It may have vanished when I edited the post.


    now you can go and mark resolved your original topic:
    so that your paranoid IT guy could relax 🙂

    I will mark the other one resolved, but I also want to let all know that this also works allowing spaces (thanks to a quick google):

    $comment_content = preg_replace(“/[^A-Za-z0-9[:space:]s+.]/i”, “”, $comment_content);



    Would you be willing to turn this already web-based application for editing and storing role playing game character sheets into a wordpress module? Since WP doesn’t have much in the way of gamers stuff this would be pretty cool.

    You can find the package here.

    don (el paso)

    Hey, Aleister.

    I’ve been looking for a certain kind of Event Calendar Plugin for WordPress, but I haven’t quite been able to find what I want.

    The Sound Republic Web site [] has exactly what I want. If you scroll down a bit on the home page, there is an Event Calendar on the right sidebar. If I click on any of the event dates (highlighted), it opens a popup window with a list of events for that day. The popup window with the list of events should also be customisable (I should be able to put my logo, etc. on it), as it is on that site.

    Can you create such a plugin? I’d be extremely grateful for any help 🙂

    Note: The site mentioned above (The Sound Republic) is not made using WordPress, the calendar is made using a modified version of a free PHP script.

    If it would be useful, the free PHP script can be found at this location.

    As far as modifications to the calendar are concerned, you can get an idea of the modifications by comparing the free script with the source code of the home page and popup page at The Sound Republic Web site.

    How about a polling system that works inside a post? The polls for wordpress are currently only for sidebars. I’d like something where I can paste the code inside the post (or use a button to do it) and have a poll.

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