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  • I am looking to create a coupon network. I have already purchased a wordpress theme for creating a directory. The same company also have a coupon them but unfortunately, they don’t have integrated, both are separate.


    Now, I am looking to add coupon solution in the directory wordpress theme. I need, someone have good expertise with wordpress themes and plug-ins.


    Coupons Network:

    Important Note: Any updates from wordpress, other plug-ins and theme ( should not be affected.

    Scope: I want a plug-in already available in the wordpress downloads, get any of them and modify it or develop from scratch.

    The paid clients would be able to add their coupons on our website. On the main page, there should be some portion to display the coupons available with multiple display options i.e. by categories, by date etc.

    Now, visitor ‘A’, visit the site and like any coupon. He select that coupon and share with his friends and social network. When this visitor selected / generated this coupon, there must be one code ‘xxxx’ generated related to this visitor and printed on the coupon as well.

    Now, if person ‘B’ used the coupon, which he got from visitor ‘A’. The shop owner will enter the code ‘xxxx’ to my website and an update notification would be sent to visitor ‘A’ that some have used the coupon that you sent.

    Now, person ‘B’ already got the discount / $off, there would be some incentive for visitor ‘A’ that would be accumulated in his account online one our website. Once, that would reach to a certain level, then visitor ‘A’ would be able to print a coupon for the benefit that has been granted to his account and use it.

    Note: Coupons would be in printed format, about 1/3 of A4 page. In the PDF format OR HTML and reside on our website and a link would be sent to others.

    If you need more information, feel free to discuss with me in details.

    For this purpose, may be two/three plug-ins would be needed to merge i.e. Share This and some coupon related and affiliate…

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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