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  • How do I find a mySQL/Wordpress expert that I can trust? Wordpoet reveals no one when I search for mySQL. I have a website with slow mySQL queries and I need someone to take a look.

    Where do I start?

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  • Start on (disclaimer I work for 10up which is listed on codepoet). Any of the companies there can probably help you but I doubt anyone would list MySQL specifically since it’s kind of a ‘givin’ thing to have.

    Oops, typed it out wrong. is where I was looking. I need someone to fix slow mySQL. Sounds like anyone listed could do that? What do I ask to see if they have the minimum skills? Need to learn some vocabulary.

    I assumed that you actually meant I’d look under the performance and scaling category and give preference to those companies that have the little VIP badge since that means they are approved to work on sites (like TechCrunch). If someone is VIP approved that means there code was verified before it went live and you’re more likely to get a better quality person.

    Outside of that I feel a bit odd giving advice since it may seem that I’d be leading you to work with us. When I looked through the list of companies that come up under performance I recognized most of the names as good people to work with.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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