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  • Another poster asked last week if it was possible to substitute a graphic image for the “read more” text using the excerpts or <–more–> button in the editor. Thinking that was a nice touch i made up a nice little button in Xara Webstyle and tried to get this to work. I first tried adding it to the styles in the #contentmiddle a .more-link selector using the “url (/images/..” code. No good there. Next tried the page.php file where the more link appears (actually, I later found it appears in 3 different php files) Again – no success, in that the image appears, but the “read more” text is superimposed over it. Rats! The image name is continue.png. I had previously edited the style of the read more tag, so I’m not completely incompetent there, but this one has me baffled.

    Can any php magicians conjur up a way for this to work? PHP is way out of my comfort level at this point in my life:(

    Gads – forgot a link: <url></url&gt;

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  • This is strange – my post disappeared and all I see is the Reply text box!

    Well let’s try this again …

    Last week, another poster inquired if it was possible to use an image rather than a text link for the <--more--> button of the excerpt tag. I don’t bel;ieve it received any feedback. I was intrigued by this and thought I’d experiment, so I made a nice little graphical button in Xaea Webstyle and sent it to my themes images folder.

    First try at implementing was the stylesheet, specifically the #contentmiddle a.more-link container, adding url (/images/continue.png). Fail.

    Second attempt was scanning the various php files to find a reference to the “read more” tag. There were 3 – index.php, page.php, and functions.php. I decided to try the page.php and added the path to the graphic to the link reference.

    That worked partially – the graphic i made appeared, but the regular read more text (which I had already edited the style of) was superimposed over it. Not good. I am now stumped how to get this to work correctly. Since at my age of the game attempting to learn any more of php than I do – which isn’t much – I need a hand from someone much more capable with the language to pull this off. Assuming, of course, that the page.php is indeed where this should go.

    Anyone? Beuhler?
    Site link: <url></url&gt;

    sorry saurus – akismet got you twice – you are now freed

    I’ve been spammed!!! Oh the horror:)

    Strange all those other posts got through and that didn’t. Oh well! Now to wait and see if someone can come up with a solution:)

    Anyone have any suggestions on this?

    I suppose you read this?

    sorry not much good at what you are doing

    Yeah, I did, Sam. Problem with the first example is it only adds an image after the text rather than replacing it – which is wjhat I was after.

    The second example is one I found by accident – using the image as a background with the read more superimposed over it. Again, it doesn’t remove the read more text instead of replacing everything with an image:( It would seem there should be a way to replace the text with an image, but I’ve been unsuccessful in all attempts so far.

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