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  • faustina


    I am using a plugin’s tags to display image thumbnails (that are links to galleries) in my footer. Natrually the php tag lines put all of the thumbnails in a column (stacking one on top of the other no matter how I place the tags). Is there a simple way I can format this to put the section of tags (7 link tags total) into a row format?

    The tags look like this
    <?php fg_gallery_link(18, 0, false, ”, ”); ?>

    Any info is helpfull! I just really want them lined up in a row!

    I don’t have a link to my site here because the tags are taken out until I can figure out how to format them.

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  • yosemite


    I’d suggest you look at the fgallery css. See if you can get fgallery to treat the thumbnails more like inline elements?

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