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  • While I like many of the features of the visual editor I [and many other users] don’t like how it changes code. Being lazy I don’t want to have to hand code every single thing inside WP either.

    I don’t want to turn off the visual editor as it has its fine points. I just want to make code the default and then choose visual when I want it. There are lots of posts out there with people asking the exact same thing but I couldn’t find solution.

    Anyone posting code from places like youtube or payperpost need this functionality.

    Anyone out there know a hack or plugin that allows us to choose or even permanently change the default for writing and especially editing posts to CODE not visual?

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  • Found a closed topic on this that shows others want this too:

    And like them this not simply solved by turning of visual editor and is not an error/issue with the code/visual not showing up.

    Really I am asking for a hack or a feature request where we get to decide which is set as the default or simply change it to code over visual to stop the code changing when we go back into and edit a post. Thanks

    I want this too, and was about to post the same request before reading this. It’s odd, as I have two WordPress blogs (each using an up-to-date version) yet the older of the two has ‘code’ as the default, and there are no issues with embedding YouTube videos, whereas the newer install isn’t the same.

    I just read the topic you linked to, and it has the solution.

    In the ‘users’ tab, you can edit your profile so it doesn’t use the ‘visual’ editor when writing.

    Agreed, this would be extremely useful. Infact I’m astonished the option isn’t already there, you wouldn’t think it would be a difficult thing to add.. Just a flag…

    That’s not a solution, it’s a workaround. Sometimes you want the option of using the visual editor without having to change your user settings.

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    In WordPress 2.5, the write panel will REMEMBER which option you used last. So if you exit the WRITE panel and the CODE view tab was selected, that tab will be loaded when you revisit the WRITE page.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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