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  • Atahualpa theme from BytesForAll has a perfect dropdown

    I’m not looking for a different them, I’m looking for a way to fix the top of my blog theme. It’s not suppose to have the pages scattered at the top, per the advertised theme.

    It’s something in the css. If it had been working but isn’t now, try moving the navigation part of the css to the very bottom of the css file. If it works, something else in the css was overriding these styles.

    The header template should specify the navigation as something like <ul id="nav">

    Make sure the css for the menu is specified, such as #nav ul {}, #nav li{}, etc.

    cleh, thank you so much for you help! I’m stressing over this. Okay, so forgive me for my ignorance and needing so much help.

    I don’t understand where to specify the menu in css. Here is the css for drop down menu plugin:

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    Can you show me where I need edit it and where I should place it in css?

    P.S. I would like the page menu at the top to drop down in the same color of the page titles.

    sorry, I don’t code. I also don’t recommend modifying plugins, because if the plugin gets upgraded you loose customization.

    Try deactivating all other plugins, see if this works, then you’ll know there’s a conflict somewhere. Or find ul and li in your style.css, and add anything in front like foo.ul and If the menu works, you’ll need to change your style.css to style only ul and li in the content area. Or find a different plugin.

    Did you know that wordpress default theme menu does this automatically?

    It never worked when I uploaded the plugin. Should I still follow the advice above?

    I just deactivated all other plugins and the menu is still not dropping down. Where is style.css do I find .ul or .li ?

    Is it here:

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    I don’t see a “comment section” in style.css file. Here is my css:

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    Okay, I put foo. in front of ul and il in css under Navigation and it put the sub pages to the right of the parent pages, but not dropping down

    I’d recommend asking the theme designer or other theme users. They’ll know better how to trouble-shoot the exact problem you’re having.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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