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  • I’m new to using WordPress as anything more than a simple blogging tool. I’ve searched the forums for CMS questions, but haven’t found anything responsive to what I’m seeking.

    The site I’m putting up will feature a blog, a podcast, and a vidcast. The blog functionality is of course easy, since I just want my blog entries to show up in my page’s main left column.

    I’d also like to have my latest podcast and vidcast show up under Podcast and Vidcast headings in the right column, with a link underneath to take you to a full archive of my podcasts and vidcasts, and another link to subscribe to these feeds in RSS. I’d like some way for each new podcast to be automatically posted to the podcast archive page, with new vidcasts going to the vidcast archive page.

    It seems as though WordPress, out of the box, supports only one sort of feed — whether it’s a blog, a podcast, or a vidcast. Could somebody tell me what modules I need to install, and what steps I need to take, to get the three-feed functionality described in the previous paragraph?


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