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    After upgrading one of my sites to WP 5.8, I discovered the addition of Extendify Patterns and Page templates that was added to the 3.21.0 release of MetaSlider. I looked at it and the pricing for the additional Extendify plugin that needed to be installed (yes, I was asked first) in order to enable the new features.

    Based on taking a look at what appears to be possible, I’m not interested in adding the Extendify related features. I also do not want to expose/confuse my clients with the added Extendify options. Disabling the added “Library” button in the edit page, which can be re-enabled by a client who might happen to find the setting in the page Options, is not sufficient in my view. The second approach of giving me the task of creating and adding a “mu-plugin” to the WP installation to keep the Extendify library from loading across the entire website falls short of the mark as well.

    I respectfully request and would greatly appreciate it if the MetaSlider development team would revisit this change to Metaslider and, at a minimum, add an option (a check box or equivalent) within the MetaSlider settings that Admins/Super Admins (only) can select to “turn off” Extendify if we choose to.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  • Plugin Author Chris Lubkert


    Hi @scott5598 – thanks for your feedback.

    You are correct that disabling the library via the toggle means it can be turned back on from within the editor preference menu as well. I’ll also note that the toggle is applied at a “per user” level. So if you turn it off by this method, it will not disable the library for other users on the site (such as your clients), which I understand to be your goal.

    The mu-plugin is the way (today) to completely disable all library functionality for the entire site. Our intent was not to put an undue burden on you, so we will look into additional ways to make this an easier preference to implement. Your suggestion is a good idea.

    You mentioned pricing and I would like to note that each user is able to use up to three patterns or templates from the library at no cost. These include the patterns that include the MetaSlider block. Beyond the first three, an active subscription is required to continue accessing the library, but the patterns that are already added can be used forever with no cost.

    Currently, our templates and patterns use only core blocks as the base (in addition to the MetaSlider block used in MetaSlider patterns). However, we use the Editor Plus plugin to style the templates and patterns, so that is a required plugin when adding a template or pattern to the site. This is a free plugin with no paid version. However, I certainly understand that not everyone wants to add another plugin to their site :). We are actually looking into ways to remove this requirement.

    I really appreciate you reaching out and sharing your feedback. Hearing from our users helps us to improve. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience with MetaSlider (or to make the pattern/template library more useful), please let us know. We are here on the forums or you can email us directly at or Thanks!



    I am confused by the instructions at for disabling this feature. I don’t recognize anything on that page.

    Does this show if the classic editor is enabled or is it part of Guttenburg? I do not use the Guttenburg editor on any of my over 100 websites. Can I just ignore this?

    Plugin Author Chris Lubkert


    Hi @johncharlton – the library contains patterns and templates for Gutenberg. It will not show if you’re using the classic editor. In that case, you can continue to use the MetaSlider shortcodes to add your slideshows to your sites.

    Jane B


    I was appalled to see that Library button suddenly showing up this morning. If I’d wanted the Extendify plugin I would have added it myself.



    Thanks @clubkert – Good to know.

    I agree with the original post. I have to fuss with coding an mu-plugin to disable part of a plugin that seems unrelated to that plugin’s purpose? Sheesh

    Yes, I’ve been using MetaSlider for years and am not at all happy that this has been included. I only found out when updating the site today.

    I’ve been away from WP coding for a while and have no idea what a mu-plugin is. It’s an appallingly bad practice to include extra bloat like this.

    In my case, I tried the extendify plugin independently (before finding out that MetaSlider included it) and I chose to uninstall it as I didn’t like/want its functionality.

    I’m now faced with either deleting MetaSlider and finding myself another slider or learning all about mu-plugins just to disable the extendify library.

    At the very least, could the developers please post detailed instructions (here, or on the page referenced above) on how to remove this library using a mu-plugin?

    Perhaps @clubkert could comment?

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    Plugin Author Chris Lubkert


    Thanks for the feedback @electricfeet and @jwmc – we’ll look into just creating the mu-plugin and making it available for anyone to use and add to their site. We’ll also add more details to the instructions to make it easier.

    Thanks @clubkert

    On reflection, maybe it would be easier for you to just give us an opt-out setting to disable the thing, as @scott5598 suggested.

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