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  • Hello,

    I’ve been asking around elsewhere about translating some strings in WooCommerce but no success so far. So i hope here can help. My problem is as following.

    1. Localization for cart: The same customization-1.png, please look at box marked by B and C letters as well as look at screenshot at Those “View Cart”, “CHECKOUT” and “items” are still in English and I want them to be localized. The thing is all mentioned strings can’t be found in WooCommerce .po file at all. For example, “Sort by” can’t be found but it’s a part of bigger phrase “Sort by price”. Search both WooCommerce and WooCommerce-admin .po files but all strings in need of localization are not there (and as you can see, other parts of this WooCommerce front-end are localized and displayed well). So any idea on their locations? My theme doesn’t appear to contain such strings.

    2. WooCommerce feature disappearance: please look at (localized version) and (English version from your demo). As you see, on localized version, there’s one feature disappeared and it’s for “Returning customer?” which I’ve set it to defaults in Checkout section of WooCommerce setting. Any idea why this “Returning customer?” line doesn’t appear on localized version?
    FYI the only plug-in activated is WooCommerce.

    3. Combining categories: It seems WooCommerce product categories and WordPress blog categories are separate. May I know if WooCommerce product category(is) can be combined with WordPress blog category(is) and then combination results will be display in one page?
    For example, “green apple” in WordPress blog category and “red apple” in WooCommerce product category. How can I create a menu named “Apple etc” with “Apple etc” is the name of category combination of “red apple” and “green apple” and display such mixed results in one page (achieves style)?

    Thank you a lot for your help.

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  • I can solve the localization problem now as they are in theme, not due to Woocommerce.

    But any idea on combining WordPress categories with Woocommerce product categories?

    Many thanks.

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