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  • Hi

    I’m finally moving my blog from to and hosting it myself.

    Question: Where do I get the download for the Neat! theme on .org? I can’t find it.

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  • Drop me an email and I’ll send you a copy. Please state within teh email what you’re asking for as I get between 400 and 700 emails a day.

    [email redacted at drmike’s request]

    Anyone else noticed that the link in the bottom of the page now goes to a domain squatter?

    Thanks. I just sent you something.

    Any chance of getting another copy form any of you? 🙂
    I’ve been troubling some hours not finding any download link for the theme.

    Drop me a line like the other 3 dozen folks have. Bloodly hell….

    Would that be better you upload it somewhere and post a link here ? Just a suggestion.


    Not mine to upload IMO.

    Oh, I forgot to mention the dozen or so emails from folks who are now expecting me to support the theme.

    Would a moderator please remove my email address from my post please. I just got a “I see you’re now supporting the Neat theme…” email.


    rofl. done.


    Too late. Got another one.

    I’m sorry to bring this up again, but I’ve been searching high and low for the Neat! theme. I don’t need support at all (I’m an experienced web designer), but I would love it if I could get a copy of this theme. I’ll even give you my email. susien30 [at] gmail [dot] com . Pretty please? 🙂

    I’m not sure of if I’m breaking any copyright to the theme developer by applying this link, but as I see it there’s a lot of people wanting it, and the theme is old. The site to the developer is also outdated…

    Please let me know if I should change my mind…

    thank you very much

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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