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  • Beautiful, your ‘Nice Titles’ are messed up, in firefox they are short and in IE they just flash and then disappear. However the design is still very beautiful.

    Thanks. Which versions? – My nice titles look fine in FF and Safari on my Mac.

    Awesome site ne9en! I was wondering how you got the position of Nice Titles to display next to the curser correctly? Mine are like 20px to low. Any advice would be appreciated.

    In IE5.5 single post view the right sidebar’s menu goes down and starts under the comment text area. FF1 is OK.

    Im using Safari 1.2.4 though so….Oh well.

    moshu – I’ll have to look into that when I am next on a windows machine, thanks for the heads-up.
    STPP – I’m on Safari 1.2.4 (v125.12) too. Feel free to have a look at my css (I think it is the default though) here.

    Thanks IanD, i appreciate it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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