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  • Hello,

    I am using Pixgridder with the “Infinite”-Theme. I already found out, that Pixgridder does not work well with firefox, so now I am using Internet Explorer for editing.
    (same problem as described here: )

    Now that I am using Internet Explorer, I have a different problem:
    I have a page with one (or multiple) pixgridder-fields. Inside it, I have the following (in “text”-view):

    Telefon: 0157…

    After pushing the “Update”, a “& nbsp ;” and empty lines before and afterwards are added, so it looks like this:


    & nbsp ; 

    Telefon: 0157…

    Every time I hit the Update-Button, a “& nbsp ;” will be added between the lines, so on the website there will be a gap that widens. It happens even if I do not change anything on the page, only the “Update” is pressed.
    Between normal text-lines, the “& nbsp ;” will not be added, but always after links, images and at the end of the pixgridder-content.

    PS: I put some spaces into the “& nbsp ;”, because it did not show up as text without it.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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