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  • I like to place the NAVT plugin as topmenu at the top of my theme. I have only used it with widgets so far. What is the code to put in my theme to put the menu somewhere else in the theme as the sidebar? The plugin homepage is down

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  • Not sure whether you had found the solution yet or there are other similar posts but I thought it would be good for others to know the solution as well.

    There are two ways of doing it:

    – Go to the ‘Group Options’ (the gear icon).
    – Select the ‘Theme’ tab.
    – In the ‘Theme xpath’, type the ID/class of the selector in your layout where you wish to insert the group in.
    – Select an ‘Action’, then Save.

    #2 FUNCTION:
    Insert the below code where you want the group to show:

    navt_getlist($sNavGroupName, $bEcho=true, $sTitle='', $sBefore='ul', $sAfter='/ul', $sBeforeItem='li', $sAfterItem='/li')

    Adjust it according to your needs.

    For more info, see the file called ‘navt_manual.html’ from the ‘help’ folder in the NAVT plug-in directory.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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