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  • I figured out how to add another button to my navigation/menu bar.

    Instead of just having a “Home” button, I added a “Photography” button right next to it.

    I did this by going to Appearance > Menus > Added a New Menu > Dragged One of my Categories to the Menu > Then I pressed Save.

    It seems that I can only add ONE extra button to my menu bar. Is that true? Is there anyway to add another button? I tried to add another menu button by following the same steps as I listed above, but it makes me choose from a drop-down bar, which menu I want to display on my page.

    I want to add probably 2 more buttons.

    My website can be found here:

    Thanks a lot. Any help is appreciated.

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  • If your theme supports custom menus as I think that is what you did then you should be able add more to the menu

    It does say, “Your theme supports 1 menu, which menu would you like to choose?” I know that kind of answers my question, that you can only have one extra menu, but that just doesn’t seem to make sense. There has to be another way to add another menu button. Why would you only be allowed to add one extra menu button? Is there something I can do with the coding? Is there another way to add a menu button, instead of the way I added the extra menu button?

    under that box you should have pages box and category box and post box if you do not see them click on screen options on right hand top and tick the ones you want and then it matter of adding them by ticking and then click add to menu then in menu arrange them by dragging as you wish and save the menu

    Got it.

    Thanks a lot.

    You are welcome

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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