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  • I’ve noticed some weird stuff about the navigation of this site which might be useful to note if it ever it gets redesigned:

    1. ‘Hacks’ leads to a page with a link to the ‘hacks’ part of the forum. Why doesn’t it lead to/have a link to the ‘hacks’ section of the wiki, where hack code is supposed to be posted?
    2. There’s no link to the wiki, so anyone coming here from the link on their admin pages doesn’t know it exists and ends up asking questions which are already answered on there. That just wastes everyone’s time.
    3. I can’t find the archives for the dev blog. I’ve been looking for weeks and I’ve finally had to admit defeat.
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  • Re: #2, the Wiki. Click on “Docs”. 4th paragraph.
    “The WordPress Wiki is a free-form nascent documentation effort. If you want to casually contribute to the documentation, writing something on the wiki is a great place to start. Wikis are not terribly user-friendly though, so if the website intimidates you, don’t worry about it.”

    Hadn’t noticed that. OK, so I guess there’s no direct link because we don’t want to encourage people to go to the Wiki to get questions answered, only if they have information to impart. Cool. I withdraw suggestion #2.
    Anyway, I guess it makes people feel like they’re helping if they can give people links to the Wiki in answer to a question, even if it would be actually easier to cut out the middleman.

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