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  • Hey!

    (warning, while i’m not exactly new to working with things like HTML, i pretty much don’t have a clue what I’m doing for the most part…so be gentle. :))

    Okay, so I have now buckled down and gotten myself some hosting via, and my site-to-be is here. I am curious, however as to whether or not this host – or the Kurbrick theme, for that matter – can allow me to create multiple pages within said theme and impliment a navigation system (a la this site or something of the like) to get to said pages.

    So, i suppose my question is a multi-parter: 1.) is it possible – given my current host and theme – to truly make a blog/site out of what I’ve got 2.) if possible, how would one go about doing it and 3.) If I’m barking up the wrong tree here and have everything completely wrong, how do i fix this/where do i go to get something more along the lines of what I’ve described?

    Again, i apologize for my newbie-ness, but you guys have proven yourselves more than helpful in the past, and I don’t really have a lot of options to turn to anyway. 🙂

    Thanks for listening!

    much love – e noho ra,

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  • I don’t know what you mean by “truly make a blog/site”. You have one. Now blog.

    What you have is a version of WordPressMU, which is a limited version of WordPress. You can only do what the host has setup for you. If you want full customization, then you pay for web space with a web host and you can get the full version of WordPress and install it. The link to download is at the top of this screen. Then you can make it look like the second site you linked to.

    YOu can find tons of more information in the WordPress Codex and at WordPressMU. Tht should help get you started.

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