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  • Hello! Loving the ease of using this plug-in, as opposed to a few others I’ve tired. I”m still new to this, though, and have a few questons!

    One thing I want to do is pull in the navigation arrows so they’re closer to each other, and not as spaced out. I’m sure it’s an additional CSS code string, but I can’t figure out how/which/where. Being able to click the comic page and go to the next one would be great too.

    I’m also trying to figure out how to do things like put alt-text on the pages, and center the header image and menu options, though I have a feeling all that has less to do with the Webcomic plugin, and more with the theme.

    Any help would be great. Thank you!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Mike


    Hey @chichimi, thanks for using Webcomic! Maybe I can hep with some of these.

    To get the comic navigation arrows closer together, try adding this to the Additional CSS section of the Customizer:

    .webcomic-navigation .widget {
      flex: 0 1 auto;
    /* This one is optional, to add back some spacing around the arrows. */
    .webcomic-navigation a {
      padding: 0 1rem; 

    You can add “real” alt text to a comic page by going to the Edit Image page for the comic media and adding text to the Alternative Text field. If you want to add title “alt” text (the text that pops up when someone hovers over the image), put some text in the Caption field.

    To center the header image, try adding this to the Additional CSS section of the Customizer:

    .site-header {
      align-items center;
      flex-flow: column;

    To center the site navigation, try adding this to the Additional CSS section of the Customizer:

    .header-menu {
      justify-content: center;

    Aahh, those worked like a charm! Thanks so much @mgsisk! You didn’t have to help, but you did, and I super appreciate it. Thank you thank you thank you!

    One last question, I promise! When I hit back to see previous pages, below the description for the page, it has a storyline menu. (COMIC STORYLINES, and then a hyper linked “Chapter 1”.) I can get rid of this by uncatagorizing the page from the Chapter 1 storyline altogether, but if I do that, it doesn’t seem to be included in the navigation. Is there a way to get rid of that below the page descriptions? Or a way or include the pages in the navigation without having to put them into a storyline? (Though, I like the storyline aspect for organization purposes…)

    That’s my last question, I promise! Thanks so much again for this plugin. It really does make things a ton easier. I just wish I was a little more savvy in code.

    Plugin Author Mike


    You actually shouldn’t have to put comic pages into a storyline to get them in the regular navigation by default, though you might have to if you’ve selected a “Related by” option for the link widgets in the navigation. Changing that setting might help.

    If you like storylines for organization (and possibly still navigation, too), though, there’s an easier way to get rid of the default widgets Webcomic shows where COMIC STORYLINES is showing up: add an empty Text widget to the Webcomic Meta widget area.

    The Webcomic Meta widget area is where Webcomic shows comic “meta” data, which (by default) includes a list of storylines. You can customize this area by adding your own widgets, though, and putting even one custom widget in that area stops Webcomic from using it’s own defaults.


    Beautiful! I did both, for good measure, but you were right on both counts. Thanks so, so much!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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