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  • Hi
    I am having the same problem at

    I want to reduce the space to the right hand of the dropdown buttons.
    Many thanks,

    @angela – if you need help, please start your own thread – despite any similarities, your issue is not the same.

    @odinkinder, try using Firebug to work with the CSS. It will show you where that padding is being set – you can then use that code to move your changes to a child theme or custom CSS. BE sure that you are not modifying theme files directly.


    Thank you for your suggestion on using Firebug to look at the CSS code, I have been trying something similar with Chrome’s developer tools, as of yet, I have not found the padding code. And yes, I am making a child theme.

    Now, for another matter, and, please understand, I am saying this with the most respect. This is my thread, and Angela is most welcome to stay and follow, or post to this thread. I don’t care that you are a moderator, you will not run people off of my threads. I had someone else run me off of a navigation thread earlier, so I made this thread thinking he would then help me, and he never offered any help. So, in light of that, I will not let myself, or others be bullied off of a thread, especially my own.


    That’s fine if you want people to stay in your thread – but be aware that these forums don’t work that way. And, in fact, your post is less likely to be answered when someone else posts in it (the first time) as it gets removed from “unanswered threads.” It also does not generally work well for people to help more than one person at a time in the same thread – it’s like having multiple conversations at once. In many cases, the issue is not the same — as people are not necessarily using the same theme, same server and identical sites. Lastly, we track issues by topic – which simply does not work when we have more than one person/problem per thread.

    The relevant CSS seems to be the margin here:

    .main-navigation li {
        margin: 0 2.85714rem 0 0;
        position: relative;

    So, in other words, this forum works backwards to all the other forums on the planet….. brilliant! I did not know this.

    I just wanted to not have Angela go off and post a new thread, then sit for days like I did waiting for help. One of the reasons I selected 2012 to make a child theme off of was that it was developed by WP, I figured the support would be great, not patchwork, as is with some theme authors. I never thought I would have to wait days for a simple answer.

    As for your answer with the code, thank you, I did see this in my Chrome developer tools, but I did not recognize it as what I needed. I think the “margin” part threw me off, I am new to responsive design, pixels I am used to, not rem values.

    I just tried the code you mentioned with the value of “1” replacing “2” that gives me the room I need in my menu. Thank You!


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    I never thought I would have to wait days for a simple answer.

    If the issue is urgent, you can hire someone at

    Yep, we’ve found through experience that separate threads works better here. I’m sorry your post did not get answered sooner – these forums are staffed completely by volunteers so it can vary a lot as to how fast a post gets replied to. There is no set schedule for “coverage” so it depends on who’s around, their experience or knowledge, how busy the forums are, or sometimes a thread just gets missed — certainly nothing personal :). In general, if people want faster/better help, we suggest they hire someone:

    Or for CSS questions, you can try CSS-specific forums such as

    That said, I’m glad your question finally got addressed and solved.

    Hey, the only thing I could see at the moment was that I was run off one thread to start another, then the person who ran me off never came to help. Now that, I did sort-of take personal…. LOL!

    I know what it’s like to do volunteer work on a forum, I do a few motorcycle related ones myself, so I get it.

    At this point, I am just trying to get through with this one, this was one of my last changes. So far I have managed to get the site to look cosmetically similar to the current site. And, I have added Flexslider to replace the RPS slider that was not responsive. I thought I was done, but, now I have just discovered my Google ads and Contact Form 7 are not responsive and causing problems in my iOS simulator……. (sigh)

    SEO is my thing, not mucking about with code, but once I learn I’m fine, thanks for the help!


    Many thanks for your assistance. My apologies, I did not realise that I was taking over the thread – I thought that the issues were the same.
    Best regards,

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    If the issues were the same, posting your problems in someone else’s thread would be taking over it. Unless you’re contributing towards the original poster, you should create your own thread for support. Otherwise threads end up being populated with people saying “me too” with everyone shouting for help at the same time.

    No worries Angela, I’m happy you stopped by, it has given me a chance to be of service to you.

    When you first posted I went to the site you linked to, then followed it to your business site. I was doing all of this on my iPad, I noticed something going on with your social media plugin. (if it is a plugin) Going from your “Home” page to your “Portfolio” page, I noticed that your floating social tab overlaps the “Business Sites” portion of that page. Looking at it on my desk top, it does not have that issue, but, it is inconsistent on where it floats, sometimes at the edge of the browser window, then just off the page. Also, when looking at it on the iPad, it was inconsistent in showing on each page. Bringing your social icons inboard to your sidebar should solve the problem.

    I try and test drive my sites on as many devices as I can before launching, by having a “pre-launch” WP install on my domain, in addition to looking myself, I have all my nerdy friends pick the hell out of my sites, and they find tons of stuff I miss! LOL! Basically, I go from my MAMP development area on my Mac, to pre-launch, to launch. By then, fingers crossed, my theme and site is as it should be. I also use the pre-launch area to get client approval before making their site live. That way I can have all the pages and structure in place, ready for making changes, or export/import, then live, gotta LOVE WP!


    Thank you so much for your contributions to this thread. Is there a way to search inside of the support forums? Have I missed it? It would have been so much easier to just search the 2012 support forum. I’m sure this nav padding question has come up before, and been answered. It would have been such a time saver for everyone if I could have found it on my own.


    Hi Odinker – in case Andrew’s off doing other things at the moment, to answer your search question – yes, you can kind of search the forums using the search field on the left side of this page:

    However, it’s admittedly not great (drives many of us nuts too) – it’s on the “to do” list! Doing a Google search with in it may work just as well.

    Hey WPyogi,

    It’s Terry, or T…… or whatever…. LOL!

    Yes, I am sure Andrew is quite busy somewhere, I have seen him here several times before. 🙂 As for a better way of searching, I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my students. “A desire for an improvement is the first step in creation.” In other words, you have to want better, before you get better.

    I now have my child theme loaded into my “pre-launch” area and it is as I thought, I have solved most of the issues for iPhone/Android, but, seeing it now on my IPad, it’s got issues, mostly in the sidebar with a Google Adsense 250X250 ad loaded, it’s not being responsive, and part of it is being cut off. So, I’ll have to do some more work, but, as you know, that’s the way it is…. (sigh)

    In addition to that, I have to change the font, and some other small details. This project started out from a series of responsive design classes taught by Mor-10 at This theme “Nothing Fancy,” is actually a mashup of bits from two of his classes. Parts are from his class theme “Anaximander,” and his recent updated class on WP child themes.

    He’s a pretty cool guy, and I enjoy his classes. It’s been a fun project for the most part, but, sometimes a bit daunting! LOL! But when you have that breakthrough, and it works, sweet!


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