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  1. riversatile
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    I really want to know if on my website users can easily navigate to find what they looking on every page template (index, single, page, category, tag, archives, and search ; using horizontal menu with categories, search form at the top-right corner and the 404 page that suggest some posts in a random way.

    Riversatile.fr is a French generalist website because it deals with things that I love in my life (TV shows, teasers, trailers, extreme sports, Adobe Photoshop Tutorials for photomontage and effects, Cinema trailers ...). Usually, users don't search something on a generalist web sites, except if users perfectly know the website address, but I have a lots of posts that are already famous on Google. I confess that I also post English translation of my posts to allow me to have not only French viewers !

    So, I try to improve the theme to have the best navigation aid to render the browsing fast and easy.

    Original Theme I used : Sleek-Black
    Tailored and improved by Riversatile.

    Thanks for your opinion and advice.

  2. Andrew Nevins
    Forum moderator
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    My critique is not from a user's perspective, but an evaluator's;

    • That dark purple is slightly difficult to read against black.
    • Your navigation menu blends in with the Articles section (aside), therefore your navigation has a higher chance of being missed.
    • Your social networking icons at the top right look uninviting. This could be because they're a grim grey colour, have pixelated corners or seem squashed in the space allocated.
    • Your search submit button doesn't appear to be a button. It actually has the same appearance as the search input field. This similarity between different functionality should be avoided.
    • Your count-down is in blue, however it is not linked. If you're using blue for hyperlinks, keep it consistent, otherwise users can't tell the difference between interaction points and plain text.
    • Again, you've used purple/pink for the navigation hyperlinks, but then used the same colour for titles (non-hyperlinks). Keep the consistency for hyperlinks especially.
  3. riversatile
    Posted 3 years ago #

    OK, Thanks.

    Advice from someone else ?

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