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    Hi all,

    My problem is two-fold.

    I’ve been trying to create a custom menu with a non-linking top level tab–

    info I found by following these instructions:

    ❇ Submenu with non-linking top level tab
    A tab that’s just a heading for a submenu, not a link, is created in the Custom Links module: type anything after “http://”, type the name in the Label field, click Add to Menu; once it’s added to the menu, click the arrow to open it, delete everything in the URL field, click Save Menu.
    Note: In some theme this produces a differently looking tab; in that case replace the content of the URL field with a # instead of deleting everything.

    but every time I follow these instructions, when I hit save, all my work is undone, and everything is saved as a top level tab. For example, I have an About section, and underneath it I want to put in the History section. But when I drag the History section under About then click Save, it goes back to being a top level page.

    I’ve also tried to start from scratch by creating a new custom menu, but the same thing keeps on happening.

    Even when I try to do what I originally did, which was to use a Page as top level tab, it won’t save properly!

    So not only is the help from the site not working, now WordPress in general is acting funny.

    Help would be much appreciated!

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