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    I would like to know if I can change the navigation menu (My Accounts, My Dashboard, New Posts), which appears on top of my blog pages, of wordpress 2.1 to make it more accessible to the users?

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  • Do you mean the navigation in the WordPress dashboard, or the navigation of your theme? The answer to both is “Yes”, but it is far easier to change your theme than the core WordPress files.

    Post a link to your URL and I will try and tell you how to change the navigation links.



    I have a similar question, my dashboard is not showing up at the top of my blog? Can anyone help

    fort – you’ll want wordpress.COM support. They’re at

    thanks dwzemens! I have not yet hosted my blog on my server.

    yes, i want to change the navigation link in my dashboard. let me know how to proceed.

    Thanks a ton!

    cramesh – you’ll want wordpress.COM support. They’re at

    handysolo- i really want to know if i can change the dashboard navigation if i install wordpress 2.1 in my server. as far as i learnt, i will have a total control of my user database if i have it on my server but i don’t know whether i will be able to change the navigation (present at the top of the page).


    If you have a WP install hosted on your server there is nothing to change: you will not have any navigation like in

    rudolf45: thank you for clarifying my doubts. Can you also tell me 1. what are the changes i can make on/to the WP installed and hosted on my server and 2. why would i install on my server if i cannot change things?

    i know these questions are little silly but without knowing the proper functionality i will not be able to proceed on my project.

    Thanks again!


    Here’s a thought: Tell us what you want to do. Be detailed (within reason). We’ll tell you if we think it can be done.

    ok. i am designing and developing a blog for one of my professor to be used by his students as a medium of interaction. i have done usability testing and found certain features like “dashboard”, “presentation”, “upgrades” does not mean anything to the students of the blog. so our concepts/new design has only three tabs -“home”, “posts” and “my account”.

    i tried to modify the blog which i created using – but i am unable to change the navigation menu items which appears on the top of the blog after i log in.

    so i want to know the following things:

    1. Can i change the navigation menu items?
    2. how can i incorporate the functionality of ‘write a post’ if my users click on the “posts” tab which would appear on my blog
    3. if i download wordpress 2.1, will i be able to achieve this flexibility or functionality? Do i have to change the PHP codes?

    let me know if you need additional details. Thanks a lot!!


    In your usability testing, did you experiment with roles for the users?


    Long story short: Yes, you can change things. You’ll likely have to modify “core” php files to do it (makes upgrades awkward). However, some of it my be possible with Plugins.


    i tried to modify the blog which i created using

    If by that you meant you are using WP MU – you are in the wrong forum!
    If you have a blog hosted on – you are in the wrong forum again.

    Having a simple blog using WP on your own server or having WPMU installed on your server or having a blog at they are 3 (three) different things.
    Which one are you talking about?

    Handysolo- Thanks very much for your reply. I have installed MySQL and PHP on my PC and I am also trying to change the “core” PHP files to include the necessary functionality which i am looking for. My professor and I are the ‘administrators’ of the blog created on and the students of the blog are authors.

    rudolf45 – Thank you for the reply.

    I will make it more clear:

    1. Initially I thought’s free blog will allow me to do all the necessary changes like modifying the navigation menu etc. But now, i think i will not be able to change the navigation menu items like “dashboard”, “manage” etc.

    2. So, now i am trying to experiment my plan with WP (which is installed on my computer) by changing the PHP files with the hopes that i will be able to incorporate all the functionality on my new blog design. you can view my current blog design at

    If you are viewing that, then you can see “home”, “my account”, “posts”. these are just new pages created by using “write page” feature. but i am not able to include respective functionality (for eg: a user can write a post under the “posts” menu on my design). so i am trying to change it on WP installed on my computer.

    any suggestions??


    Don’t mix the blogs on and a self-hosted WP installation. They use two different software! That’s what we were trying to tell you…
    On you have limited possibility for customization. Playing with a blog there will never give you the idea what can you do with your own installation.
    What I see on your blog is not your design: it’s a premade blog where you added some Pages. That’s still far from your own design.
    If you want your own hosted blog – forget the and don’t even mention it in this forum 🙂

    However, if you want things like my account and similar tabs seen at – you need to install WP MU > the multiuser version of WP.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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