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  • Dear knowledgeable people,

    I humbly seek your advice:

    I’ve cloned a blog in order to test some changes.

    Everything works fine except for the navigation menu. Certain pages (not all though) link back to the old blog. The strange part is the url is showing the address for the new blog but when you click the link it redirects you to the old blog.

    The wordpress address and site url are up to date in the general settings.

    Any help would be most appreciated.


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  • Having the same problem, cloned site links to old site. Any suggestions?


    you would have to update site_url on phpmyadmin did you do a proper search and replace on your DB ?

    Hi Robin,

    So far I just cloned the site with “installatron”. I have a working wordpress site in http://www.sitename/wp. Now I want a testsite (clone) in http://www.sitename/test/wp.
    When I install a search & replace plugin, can I just search for sitename/wp and replace with sitename/test/wp?
    I don’t want to screw things up 😉

    i havnt used installatron but does this mean that both your site are using same database ?

    No, there are 2 different installations of WordPress, database_wp1 and database_wp2.

    so which ever the database is setup for your cloned site, use a DB script to search and replace

    backup before doing so though

    Hi Robin,
    I used search & replace, but links still did not work, although when hovering the mouse over the links, the path seemed correct.
    After some more reading in this forum I changed the permalinks from “year-month-day-name” to “standard”
    Problem solved!

    Thanks for your help!


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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