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  • My website has an issue with navigation links for older and newer posts. I limit # of posts to 5 per page. has an Older posts navigation link at the bottom of the page that leads to with no problem.

    However, when you go to categories placed under the top menu, e.g. House Portraits – the older posts navigation link (at the bottom of the page) leads to a page “Not Found” – works OK – Not Found

    I noticed that the way the permalinks are build affects this situation:

    The structure of my permalinks is /%category%/%postname%/

    Once you manually add “category” to the link that has an error the page goes to the page 2 with no problem. See below although I would prefer not to have category word in the link itself.

    Since the two pages home and any category – use different templates (index.php and archive.php) I believe that there is a little bug in the code that creates that situation.

    I did check the chrome setting, java etc. all seems to work fine. I deactivated all the plugins too and it does not solve the issue.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • Hi bkszymanski,

    Are you still seeing this problem? If so, hopefully I can help:

    It looks like the links in your menu may need to be updated to include the ‘category’ part of the permalink. Since the current menu links don’t include the category base prefix, the template files are probably generating incorrect “Older Posts” links.

    Rebuilding your menus by adding Category links (rather than custom links) should fix this. The screenshot here should help if my description isn’t clear:

    Removing the “category” part of the link:

    Using the permalink structure you’ve described, WordPress includes
    “category” in the URL by default to help differentiate pages and posts. You can’t (easily) remove the category base prefix but you can change that prefix by using the options on the Permalink Settings page. Check out this part of the WordPress codex for more information:

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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