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navigation link inconsistency

  • First of all
    loads wordpress out of a subdirectory, bimshwel.com/woid, using an index.html at the base level.
    I tried to do the same thing at http://bimshwel.com/ope. However, the navigation link at the bottom of the page (it says “forward,” at the moment) gets confused and alters the link to include the wordpress folder and a second ope.
    What should be
    which obviously does not work! If I load the link from bimshwel.com/ope/wud, directly out of the wordpress folder, the link works properly, but I dislike the extra folder in the url. Perhaps it is fickle but the fact that I avoided it before makes me confused that I now cannot. Is there any reason it should work differently out of a subfolder?

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