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  • I’ve searched through the documentation but I can’t seem to find any info on this subject. I want to create a navigation similar to’s: A global navigation based on my categories and for each category I want to display it’s relevant subcategories.
    My categories are fruit, vegetables, meat
    When I click “fruit” I want to display the subcategories apple, peach, banana, orange etc. in a menu.
    Is that possible?

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  • I think that I am looking for exactly the same thing. I’ve been taking a look at the template functions, but it looks like it’s only possible to list categories with

  • tags. What I would like is a way to list, horizontally, the “top” categories, and then when a category is clicked on, the sub-categories of that category are listed underneath. I could absolutely hack the PHP of wordpress to make this happen, but I’d like to know if there’s an elegant/upgrade friendly method.

Any list that uses ul/li tags can easily be turned into a horizontal navigation scheme. Check out Listamatic for examples of how to write your CSS code.

You’re looking for something called “breadcrumb” navigation.
And lucky you, there is a plugin for WordPress that is doing just that !

I don’t think that breadcrumb does it (at least not for me). Breadcrumb seems to, well, add breadcrumb links. But what I’m looking for is some kind of persistant navigation. For instance, look at the top of this page. There are links to: home, about, docs, etc. I would like organize my categories like this, horizontally. When one of them is clicked, a sub menu is shown underneath with the currently-selected category’s sub-categroies. Does the breadcrumb plugin do this by tweaking the options?

You’d probably check out the link in Muffinboy’s post, and read the part called Horizontal lists. That’s what you are looking for.

Hrmm.. I’ve checked out the Listamatic site, and it’s great. However it’s a real mess to deal with *sub* categories when using a horizontal list. I guess I’m going to have to figure this one out.
Does anybody here have some examples of multi-level lists, done horizontally?

Mark (podz)


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Have a really good read here:

Thanks for the links, but unfortuneately they don’t solve the problem. I know it is possible to style list-item and I’ve seen the breadcrumb plugin but what I want is to show only the subcategories of the currently selected category.
When you click “about” in the navigation bar above the next page shows the associated “subcategories” (Intro, Requirements, Features, Testimonials, Screenshots, Future, Buttons, Contact).
Thanks in advance 🙂

Good points, Anon. I would also like to know the same thing… and I’m wondering if this site is truely “WordPress driven”, or an adhoc combination of wordpress/static pages/forum… etc.

Mark (podz)


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I think we all need something that I’ve discussed over here :

yes, this should be a manageable task – perhaps a special list plugin:

given the current top category, autogenerate a list of it’s child categories

a more powerful version might add control/arguments for:
a) add a ‘subcurrent’ ID to whatever sub category we’re on
b) control whether it displays sub-subcategories/hierarchical levels
c) if b), control how much of the tree ‘above’ the current level is displayed

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