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  • Is there a way to navigate between posts when I’m editing them?

    All I’m looking for is a “previous” and “next” button so that I don’t have to go back out to the list of posts and try to find where I left off when I’m editing a bunch of posts in a row.


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  • I don’t think there is a way to do that. But I also come across situations where I don not want refresh the Posts page repeatedly, so this is what I do:

    1. using Firefox, open Posts to view the list of posts
    2. Ctrl+click the post you want to edit (or click the link with your mouse’s middle button/mouse-wheel)*, to open it in a new tab where you can edit the content and once done with it simply close that tab
    3. you still have the Posts tab open and this way you don’t need to reload the Posts page unless you want to refresh it

    * when you open a link using middle-button or mouse-wheel the new tab is not activated

    The same will work for users of IE 7 and later. Opening links in new tabs is great feature, many websites often refer to external links “for further information“, you don’t have to leave the current site, simply click the link using the mouse-wheel to open it in a new tab.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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