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  1. AardvarkGirl
    Posted 4 years ago #

    This is a modified child 2010.

    I've not run into this before. We built this site just allowed WP to create the navigation items 'by default' (as the pages were created/date wise).

    I changed it to a custom menu and now the menu is formatted as a bulleted list. http://www.weddingsandeventsnc.com/services/

    Yes, I have viewed it in Chrome/inspect element. I can see that it is now not even acknowledging the -

    #access .menu-header ul,
    div.menu ul {
    	list-style: none;
    	margin: 0;

    When I remove the 'custom menu' and just let WordpPress build the menu on its own, it lays out fine/as expected.

    When it is in custom menu mode it creates this div - <div class="menu-topnav-container"> and when it is on 'default menu' mode it has this - <div class="menu">, and it is this div's class that seems to be causing the problem.

    I've never had this problem before switching from the default navigation to a custom menu. When I changed this site to the stock 2010 theme all is fine with either menu type (default or a custom). So there is something in this theme/css. :)

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