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  • willkeyworth


    The flow for the navigation to the forums is really, i mean REALLY REALLY bad. i am a seasoned web user and it almost drove me crazy to find the forum. one would think when you CLICK Forums it would take you to a list. instead it takes you to a page that anything BUT forums. a bunch of text i have to read and think about and get nowhere – what ever happened to DON’T MAKE ME THINK? interesting how the most popular cms in the world can be so non-intuitive. shame on you! PLEASE rethink the flow and navigation for these things

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  • kjodle


    Yes, the link for “Support” and for “Forums” both lead to the same page, which is a little odd, but in all fairness, there is a big search box that says “Search forums” right at the top. You always want to search forums before posting your own query, as the question you have may already have been answered.

    Additionally, there nine other links that all say “View forum” once you scroll down a screen.

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