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    If I hover over the four links in Firefox, I get some really strange black lines developing on the side.

    Additionally if you click archives it does the same thing.

    Any idea what might be causing this?


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  • I don’t see any lines on the side. Maybe it’s on your browser.

    hmm well it happens on the right hand border to the hover links – it works fine in IE, just seems to occur in FF, I’ve down cleaned the cache and retried but it still seems to be happening.

    Hovering over the the first three seems ok, but hovering over gallery causes the lines to appear, and then hovering over the others replicates this.

    i don’t see any lines either… FF or Safari

    hmmm can you guys let me know what version of FF yu’re using? I’m on 1.0.3 on WIndows – I’ll ask around but it’s very strange.

    Here are some screen grabs to show I am not taking happy pills:

    Yeah I see those lines in firefox. If you take out the background color in your .section a:hover style they don’t show up so that’s where I would start to look.

    thanks nice to know I am not going mad – i’m not sure where to start, I deleted all reerences to the section but without success I then removed every hover element and then every link element and still it appeared…i’ll gave to get rep 1.03 users to test it

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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