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  • After searching the support section and Codex files for neigh on two weeks, I’ve finally succumbed to penning my questions here.

    It’s got to the point that I’m beyond frustrated; I’m almost ready to give up on WP and go back to using Frontpage, but if I do that I miss out on so much, which naturally I don’t want to do. So here’s my problem…

    <u>Horizontal menu</u>
    I used the CSS I designed in Frontpage 2003, modified some of the coding to support WordPress & php and I’m eager to get it on my site. However the horizontal menu doesn’t function properly (or even at all) because it has no destination links – at least I DON’T believe that it does, is probably more appropriate.

    I’ve made the horizontal menu my primary navigation for the site so it’s important that I understand how WP & php works. In Frontpage, if I wanted a primary navigation link to go somewhere, I just hand coded the destination page link into the navigational structure and it would work. But here? I’m confused. My existing HTML in header.php

    <div id=”header” title=”navigation”>
    <div id=”mainnav”>
    “>Home |
    Articles |
    Topics |
    Submissions |
    Store |

    After reading Codex, I’ve inserted <?php echo get_settings(‘home’); ?> for the home tab, and it works, but for the others I haven’t been able to find any information that will advise me on how to insert an individual category so that when I click on “articlesâ€? or “topics” or Submissions” in the primary navigation, the page will reload and display all associated category posts exclusively for that category and nothing else.
    (I hope you understand my explanation).

    I need to point out here that I don’t believe using the exclusion function in the category php code is the right way to go about this simply because as my site grows I will have to manually add the new categories that reside in my sidebar to the exclusion function code and that seems rather ridiculous to me.

    Is there a specific is_function or get_function or some other function that I can insert between the navigational tags that will call only the category: Articles or Topics or Submissions, etc, etc whenever anyone clicks the primary navigation? At the moment I’m flying by the seat of my pants; I’ve inserted:


    and that seems to work now, although yesterday it didn’t work correctly. While the page reloaded under, I assume, articles, ALL POSTS displayed in the articles section even though I nominated specific category sections for each individual post. Silly, huh?

    Anyway, it seems to work now. I tested the primary navigation today and now only relevant posts are showing under the selected category within the main navigational bar. So my question is: is this right? Have I inserted the right code within the tags? Is this standard practice for anyone designing a horizontal navigational menu?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps.

    PS: I have two other questions which I have submitted under different topics, so hopefully someone will take pity on me and reply 🙂


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  • Oh, dear. What a dreadful mess I’ve made! How on earth is anyone able to make sense of all that?

    Sorry folks. Here’s the relevant inclusions surrounded by the code tags.

    <div id="header" title="navigation">
    <div id="mainnav">
    Home |
    Articles |
    Topics |
    Store |


    I had to omit the href completely because it was converting the into a proper hyperlink. So apologies anyone – and please don’t click it.



    (Yep – she’s reaaaallll cluely, this one.)

    God! I’m so sorry. What a mess! Look, this is what I typed between the a tags. wordpress / category / articles

    Hopefully this will show instead of converting into a damn hyperlink.

    I’ve resolved my own problem (above), but now have another.

    I’ve read, and followed exactly the CODEX forumla for dynamic highlighting of menus. I have a simple horizontal menu that displays categories – I also used the is_fuction, as suggested at the end of the article but it didn’t work and there wasn’t any highlighting on the current tabbed menu.

    My simple horizontal menu is:


    each “category” is sitting between a tags – there’s no ul or li tags, as I don’t really require them in the markup.

    Can someone please advise how I can highlight the current ‘category’ tab in my horizontal menu please. I’m very proficient with HTML & Frontpage, so understanding CSS is relatively simply. Conquering PHP has me stumped.


    I did a search for “horizontal menu” and found this topic which might be helpful.

    Thanks jwurster. I appreciate your input.

    I’ve read them both threads numerous times trying to get my horizontal menu to work.

    I’ve very savvy when it comes to html & css, so defining my markup and structure css is ok – I just can’t seem to marry it up with PHP.

    The highlighting doesn’t work using the dynamic menu version nor can I use the other thread because my tabs are “categories” – I have tried to resolve this but to no avail.

    do you have any other thoughts on the matter?


    For future reference, please make use of the tags. While it’s not perfect, it does stop some code from being interpreted.

    Thanks Mark for the advice, but I actually did use the code tags. I put the htmal between proper code tags but still it turned out like such:)

    Hrm… well, in that case, you may want to consider posting the code as a text file on your website and linking to it from here.

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll take it under consideration.

    Ok. I’m assuming that you want to have commenting on your page, and that your page isn’t really a page, but a post?

    From what I’ve read these last four weeks, the ability to comment on a page isn’t something that’s available to us.

    Commenting on a post I believe is fine. Can you clarify if your page is a page or if its a post? I’m using Blix myself, so I might be able to help you out some.

    I think I can help you or at least I am willing to try. If you could give me a link to your site, that would help.

    thanks jwurster, I’d appreciate any help you can give me

    css 9style.css0

    Main Navigation

    #mainnav {
    float: right;
    padding: 0 15px 2px 0;
    background: transparent;
    color: #333;
    text-align: right;

    #mainnav a:link, #mainnav a:visited, #mainnav #current {

    #mainnav a:hover {
    color: #fff;
    text-decoration: none;

    #current {
    background: #b3a191;
    text-decoration: none;

    Unfortunately it is under construction. Where are you testing?

    Sorry. thought I put the right url in


    And thanks a bunch!

    katie1 – i was always having similiar trouble using those backticks, until i was pointed to pastebin:

    you go there, paste in your code, and link to it. it’s wonderful wonderful!

    i found your post here because i am searching for more info on making a menu, based on what i read in the codex:

    looks like you sorted yours out on your site?

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