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  • On Twenty Twelve 3.5.1, was working on stuff like putting links in widgets, nothing to do with header in stylesheet, when suddenly on my website, a gap appeared on the navigation bar as if an untitled page with page number 2 has suddenly created itself! But there is no such page in my list, and I remember all 4 main pages that I’ve just created (and the 7 child pages, which don’t have page numbers)!
    My site is:
    So you can see the page titles on the nav bar: HOME – (white gap) – ABOUT – CONTACT – ENERGY
    Can anyone give a clue why this happened? And how I fix it?

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  • esmi


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    Looks like you have a Page without a title: Check through your list of Pages. Seems to be a copy of a Page that you added to your Page Trash at one point.

    At a slight tangent, have you tried using Firefox with the Firebug add-on for this kind of design work generally? It’s an incredibly useful tool.

    Funny, I emptied my Trash when seeing it on another forum, but it has not taken away the white gap. (I can’t imagine how a page without a title appeared in the first place….)

    At Alchymyth’s suggestion, I installed Firebug add-on, but without doing an entire tutorial (which I don’t really have time to do at present) it all looks very confusing to me. Especially since when I click the CSS tab, what shows up bears no resemblance to my style.css, etc, and things I can see on the site seem to have no correspondence in the code below that I can recognize, so I can’t comprehend the relationship of my site with what’s displaying on Firebug. And when I try to inspect, I can’t see it doing anything, and when I type in a search for something I know is there, it doesn’t come up. So all this means I have to learn how to use it and what everything means before it will be much use to me. I can see that it will be a great tool once I have a breather to get my head around it….

    It feels like building a website (properly) is trying to learn Russian, Sanskrit, Latin, Polynesian, ancient Egyptian and Arabic all at once while being attacked (got hacked in September) and doing the housework, gardening, shopping and paid job!! I used to do Fortran, Machine Language & Basic programming and was starting on Pascall and LISP mega years ago, and was, according to my tutor and lecturer, extremely good at programming. But there was a very big gap in my contact with it…… and now it’s like being in diapers again!



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    Locate the element that you want to inspect in the displayed page (not the markup but the page itself), right click, select “Inspect Element with Firebug” and voila… in the right hand pane, all of the CSS that is being applied to that element. On the left, the markup used to generate it.

    First to the phantom page: if I do a search for that page in my dashboard Pages, it comes up as No pages found.
    And yet if I put the url in a fresh browser window it displays my homepage. (How does a page “create itself” and then take over from the proper page? – thinking out loud here…..).

    Inspected element in Firebug – looked at the nav bar, but I don’t understand what I’m seeing, and in neither html nor css is there anything that jumps up and shouts to me: this is the code for the nav bar links to the page titles….and I could not see that phantom page url in there, or any of the page titles for that matter. The CSS just seems to be fonts and colours and so on for the look of the page. Maybe one day I’ll understand the relationship between CSS and the corresponding html, or something….

    For now I’ll just have to go get the stylesheet from my last backup and see if that fixes the issue… at least it will tell me if it is something in or outside of the stylesheet….

    Did that. The problem is not to do with the style.css.

    Tested content.php. It’s not that file either.

    Hi Diana,

    Check in Appearance>Menus. It looks like you have a menu item in there with no title. When you see it, click on the arrow then remove it and save the changes to the menu.


    Deactivating Child and re-activating Twenty Twelve fixes the nav bar gap. But weirdly, replacing the Child files (style.css, content.php, footer.php and comments.php with the original Twenty Twelve ones in turn did NOT fix the problem! This makes no sense to me….

    Hi Edward,
    When I open Appearance>Menus there are no menus in there. The whole page is greyed out.
    How are you seeing this untitled menu item in my site?

    Go to WP-Admin->Pages. You will get two pages which have no title. Remove them or put in draft.

    How do you guys get into my WP? I thought it was only for me to log in to?

    wprock – I did find them – for some reason two of my posts had become two extra pages!?
    And deleting them fixed my problem. Big kisses and hugs to you!




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    How do you guys get into my WP?

    We can’t.

    Are they just seeing it on the page code in Firebug or something?



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    Yes we are.

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