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  • Hi,
    how can you insert in a text such as a link to a gallery that displays me as it should, under the text, so that I could click through the people of this text navigation bar back, for example, two levels and saw two galleries and more that refer to the total trip gallery. I would like to see only the gallery, you can dial there and could not click through elsewhere.

    For example:
    Home> My text> Puppies> My dog (I would like to see just that, it the title of the article, there would also not be in the navigation).

    But they can click through the navigation bar to Home> My text> Puppies> and see My cat or >My dog ​​(For the text see two galleries, and more, and I do not want it).

    I know that in setting the navigation bar can hide, but hides everywhere (for text / article and photo gallery of the total). I need to see him just to navigate the overall photo gallery. Only with the text I need to hide that it did not do mischief, and people could not click through elsewhere.

    Maybe somewhere in the settings, but I could not find it 🙁 I hope you understand what I mean.

    Excuse my English, I write through google translate.


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  • I found out that they insert into the post text, different types of insertion of the Gallery, but I miss there insert with thumbnails without the navigation bar. This would solve my problem:-)

    Navigation bar is currently only insert one hide photos or slideshow to film frames or just purely slideshow.

    I’d like to if in a next version didn’t add option thumbnails to see the image without navigation bar and according to the interest you with moving. Something similar in type to the photos with a movie picture zones, but at it ain’t automatic (I know that when two clicks, it will stop), just the possibility to manually view.

    Sometimes it may not look good when it’s automatic slideshow.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Google translation is very bad, so i do not know if i understand you.
    What is your language?

    Try this: [wppa type="slphoto" photo="2224"][/wppa] with a photo you have ( here: 2224 ).

    My language is Czech, I am from Czech Republic, Europe. I will see only thumbnails for my album without navigation bar in post, no slideshow, because visitor my web, can clicking back on other place in albums from this text, that are not related to the text.

    Czech marks in your gallery is working great, is not problem.

    If someone understands what I mean, please describe it to the author

    I solved this problem partially when put to the post only -separate- album, but the problem occurs when the album has more than two of the Gallery, as I write above.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Normal breadcrumb navigation is:

    ( [Home] ) > [Page] > … > [Sub-sub-page] > [Parent album] > [Album] … > [Child album] > ( [Photo] )

    Can you indicate how you want it?

    Yes. I try write point after point, my little problem.

    1. Writing text, for example, about my Aunt and Uncle

    2. I add to footer album with thumbnail images with uncle and Aunt, I see thumbnail from gallery, its ok

    3. In the text appear breadcrumb with location (if enabled in setting), for example: Home> 2012> My Family> Uncle and Aunt>images

    4. It ok, but my problem is that visitor can at this text via breadcrumb get to level up clicking, for example Home>2012>other Album>other image that the text about family not related under the text about my Aunt and Uncle. I wish that there was not breadcrumb, for get to level up. Breadcrump it just hide images embedded in the text as a slideshow or single photos.

    I do not want to turn it off in the settings, it is used for improved navigation in total photo galery to another place in my web site.

    This thing resolves only sepatated album 🙁 Home>Text name>Album galery name>images in footer under text.

    Do you understand me, what I mean? Otherwise, your plugin is very good.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Try display type slideonlyf like in:

    [wppa type="slideonlyf" album="18"][/wppa]


    %%wppa%% %%slideonlyf=18%%

    I am tried, partly it works in this view:-) Breadcrump bar is hide, in total setting is on. It would not add to the default setting this slideshow, slideshow off for this view or to form a brand new kind of view? Key is no breadcrump. I do not let slideshow flooding the host server.

    It might look like as when viewing thumbnails (with or without filmstrip) without breadcrummp.

    For example:
    <img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”23456973156026400747.jpg” />

    This would not be a bad idea, for example in new version…

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