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  • hades12


    I hope someone here can help me out.

    I have an anime site,
    The navigation goes down, from Home to Contact Us. The Completed Anime page will have the whole alphabet under it, so I was wondering if anyone could help me redesign it so that it would look like in the picture in stead. Like when someone clicks on completed anime downloads, the thing will stay gray, and under it, 27 little blocks will come out from # – Z, which can then be clicked to take you to their respective pages. Like, I don’t want it to actually go to teh “Completed Anime Series Page” but instead just open up that little directory of (# to Z) and let the people go the the anime letter they want to go to.

    Im sorry for the crude design of the picture, but I did it pretty quick to add to this post.

    Oh, Also, I replaced the origional wp_list_pages thing in the header with the call for the Page Fold List plugin, so if someone can incorporate that into it, you’d be my hero.

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