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    Really stunning theme, thank you for sharing it.

    Is it feasible to add an option to the navigation to be generated from Categories instead of pages?

    The concept of “pages” in wordpress is truly meaningless since one can accomplish nearly everything with posts and categories/subcategories.

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  • Samuel B


    The concept of “pages” in wordpress is truly meaningless

    umm…not so
    I have 2 sites with nothing but static pages
    you know – cms

    The trouble with categories is the lack of real estate on the page. I cannot think of a place to put the drop-down menu.

    I am open to suggestions, though.


    I have managed to include category navigation alongside page navigation (in the same navigation bar) in the next release of the theme (2.6.2). I have also put in options to roll things up to a higher level, if you wish. So instead of seeing your top-level pages/categories laid out horizontally in the navigation bar, you can group them under another level, like “Pages” or “Categories”. You can also select which categories to include in your navigation (this feature existed for Pages).

    The features should be available when the new theme version is approved.


    my navigation doesn’t work right in ie7 or below, not that I are about below IE 7. I’ve taken that compatability off my web broswer but my clients haven’t so the default is still IE 7 for those that don’t turn off the compatibility button. help!

    Link, please? Also, it would be good if you move this to the support forum: .

    The navigation has been tested for everything starting from IE6, so your feedback is surprising.

    Great work sayontan, thank you!
    I knew very little about the wordpress’ internals when I effectively requested this feature. I thought you were using sql query for generating the menus since I didn’t know about the wp functions with pre-built queries.

    Once again, an amazing aggregation of features in this theme. I hope you get rewarded for this work.

    I agree, you can do with “pages” only. I meant that since pages and posts reside in the same MySQL table with only one field being different, there shouldn’t be much of a trouble to treat pages as pasts and vise versa.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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