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    I added some new items to my horizontal navbar so instead of fitting all on one line some of the items drop down to the next line. When I increase the width of the page so there’s space for all the items on one line the navbar items don’t come up and the line break remains where it was before I increased the size of the page.

    Why won’t the navbar expand with the page? I haven’t set a width for it.

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  • site url?

    I’m doing this on my localhost before I update my site

    theme name? I have a great imagination but this is stretching it a bit too far 🙂 too many variations in different themes


    I haven’t tried to expand the navbar or add new links on my live site.

    Ok, I see your site has 6 links in ul#nav. In three different browsers, IE, FF and GChrome, all 6 links are all in one line and fits the page navbar area. Either you fixed it already or you’re intending to add more links …

    yes, so on my localhost which is identical I added the additional links and since it looks terrible on two lines I haven’t changed my live site yet.

    You wanted to see my theme so I thought that would help.

    When you increase the width of the page to add more links, you mean in style.css, you increased width of #page from 840px to e.g. 960px? That should work.
    I would recommend however, that if you do plan to add more links, then decrease the font-size to 11px or 12px and change font-family from Verdana to “Times New Roman” of your nav bar. But that’s only me.

    Thanks for your help. I will try the font you suggest and see if I think it looks better.

    It’s very strange. I tried doing the exact same thing to expand my navbar and this time it worked, whereas before the additional links dropped down.

    At least it’s working now.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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