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Nav_menu Widgets Not Displayed

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  • Hi have add the same problem too but it also seemed to cause a problem on the postmeta table which I had to repair.

    I had three custom menus and although they had imported I needed to reallocate the correct menu and resave the widgets to get them to display as per jessedyck above.

    So everything seemed great until I was doing some simple checks immediately after the widget transfer and all the nav menus just got screwed up completely and would not display correctly. I could not re-save the menu and ended up deleting the plugin and repairing the postmeta table to reinstate the menus.

    I agree with jessedyck that this is a bug and could be a serious problem if it is corrupting database tables as well.It has got to be too much of a coincidence that the only time I have ever lost the nav menus was after using the importer.

    Plugin Author Kevin Langley


    I’ll investigate and get back with you. Thank you for reporting the issue.

    Plugin Author Kevin Langley


    It seems that the issue is tied to the fact that the nav menu widget is tied directly to the nav menu itself which is tied to posts with the post type of nav_menu_item. Even with exporting and then importing the menu using the WP.org importer, it imports them with different post_id’s since it is importing the data alone and not the specific post_ids. Because of that, I will be creating a fix that will export the nav menu post data as well as the nav menu widget and then upon import import the nav_menu_item posts and then upon importing the widget, reference the newly created posts.

    This should fix any issue with the nav menu widgets. This isn’t out yet, but now upon realizing the issue here it is on the radar and will be addressed shortly. I’ll update you when this is done.

    Many thanks for the update Kevin.

    Kind regards


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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