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  • vehler


    Hi, i tried searching all around and i couldn’t find anyone else with this problem, so finally i decided to post it to see if i get some answers.

    I have one custom post type and two custom taxonomies with some 30 items each (business types and location) i dont know if this is part of the problem, but after about 20 items the nav-menus.php started to hang when ever i loaded it to add more items to the menus until it stopped loading.

    Ill leave you a link with a screenshot of the page, not even the right side menu panel loads. Im lost here, and i need to finish this project soon. Please help

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  • vehler




    I found this:

    i dont know if anybody else has problems with nav-menu.php but this maybe a solution, ill be testing this solution now, ill post if theres any change for future reference.



    Worked like a charm, it doesn’t seem to interfere with the functionality of the page. My best guess is that it hangs because the descriptions are too long.

    I have the same problem right now, its driving me nuts! I will try the solution you posted and see how it goes.

    @leaselink @wickedmediae

    that solution sort of worked but throws an out of memory error on my set up

    i found that if you disable the pages posts and taxonomy met-boxes from loading in wp-admin/includes/nav_menu.php this works

    add // to the beginning of lines 374 & 375 to disable


    Hi Guys I have the same problem I have a menu system with around 20+ pages but now when I try and save I get a hang up and the internal error message.

    Any ideas on the real fix for this problem ?


    BTW: Quality control in testing, maybe I would have thought someone would have created over a 100 pages in the menu system ?

    I’m operating on version 3.2.1



    I really dont know, after version 3.0 i havent had any problems. But when i had it the solution suggested by @peterhatch worked very well.

    Well I am on the latest version of wordpress and it still don’t work. Don’t want to do Pete suggestion as what real software programmer wants to read memory error exception. That is analogous to someone ignoring hanging Java threads cause they cannot figure out what is wrong.

    Net is it is a ‘BUG’ perhaps minor for some with little web sites.

    I’m having a headache for already 2 weeks now and I’m blocked with this issue! I can’t run my site anymore. And the solution that vehler has found DOES NOT open anymore! What do I do? Should I just move my website to Joomla maybe?



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    @magneat: Try posting a new topic

    I circumvented the problem by using my THEME menu capabilities.

    I only load up the main pages in the WP_menu with limited items depth. My comes with a secondary menu display feature. So once a page is selected I can then selected the displayed sub pages.

    My typing sucks 🙂

    I have this problem also, I have 200+pages.
    I tried PeterHatch solution but nothing changed.

    I am really upset….any help is appreciated. I run 3.2, hope 3.3 solve this problem.

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