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  • Hi,

    Im having a bit of trouble with my site and its drop down nav menu.
    When i mouse over the titles with drop down, the menu expands ok, but then when i move my mouse down to choose one of the drop down menus, it disappears. I have no border around the titles. Also, i have just noticed that the top title of the drop down disappears behind the next row of menu titles.

    I changed the code for the image alignment today, as i was having problems and found a article on changing the alignment code for adding pictures, could this have had an effect on the nav menu and how the dropdown works?

    Ive just tried my site in chrome, and it works fine, no issues with the menu. so looks like it only does it with IE.. any ideas?

    Im not good with the css so if it involves code, could you tell me where it needs to be changed please..

    Im using thesis

    Site is –



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  • ok, i dont know how i did it, but ive fixed it. i was just tryin different variations with the {position}.

    menu li. has to be relative. Im sure it was relative originally, and i changed it to absolute then it was wrong, so i changed it back to relative and bingo, its fixed…not sure what happened.

    Maybe someone could shine a lil light? As i said, im just learning wordpress and coding.. i dont need to be able to build a site from scratch, but a little code knowledge would be helpfull.

    What i have explained, what does the code mean?

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