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  • Thank you for the work youve put into StrapGrid, it fits what my site purpose needs.
    The screenshot of the site when I was browsing to find a theme, shows the menu (navigation bar I think its called) at the top, but by default its coming in ‘below’ the top graphic, and I cant find how to change that.

    Can you please identify how this is done.

    Along with that, I notice a much bigger gap above the grid between the top graphic and between the grid top and bottom. How can I squeeze this together tighter like the screenshot please? or will this gap go away once the nav bar is moved to the top?

    Thanks for your support.


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  • Do you have a link to your site?

    Sorry James, I hadnt refreshed my screen and didnt know you had posted.

    Yes, the site has existed for some time, but I wanted to redo it with this template, so its going to look like its still under construction, but the home page is the main page Im asking about for now.

    This is the site,


    Theme Author Brian Harris


    @brainstain – the menu is in the correct position as per the theme design. The problem is that you’ve uploaded the wrong image dimensions for the logo which essentially is what the header section is there to facilitate.

    If you have a look at Appearance >> Header you will see the following suggestions for the dimensions:

    Suggested width is 350 pixels. Suggested height is 40 pixels.

    I hope that helps understand the design setup a bit more.


    Hi Zulfikar,

    2 questions still remain please.

    Thanks for the tip, however, when I first loaded this theme, and was shocked at the small size, after seeing what the theme looked like before downloading it, the top image was the full width of the screen, so I knew that 350 had to have something to stretch it?

    I just made my original 350 x 40, and uploaded it, and its way, way too small, doesnt fit the screen like the screenshot of the sample.
    Also, the gap between the header and the top grid row didnt change, its still bigger than the screenshot of the sample theme. I was wanting it tight to look like no gap, or all one sheet of paper, is that possible?

    Next, the original question asked, how can I move the menu up to the top like the screenshot, by default it looks like it places it at the bottom of the top graphic. would like it to look like the screenshot if possible.

    Thanks, sorry for the delay, didnt see your email come in.


    Also forgot to ask, does the bottom grid go away within the pages, or is it supposed to stay there for each page like a reminder to the viewer that there is more to look at?

    Thanks sir.


    Theme Author Brian Harris


    Hello David,

    I think there’s a little bit of misunderstanding/confusion re the layout.

    The initial image I advised you on is the site logo to replace the site title – that would not look right if its width is extended too much.

    The “image” as in the screenshot you are referring to is not a static header image but the inbuilt content slider – please see demo here:

    It is possible to reformulate the code to accommodate a header image via a child theme but this will depend on your code comfort level.

    I was wanting it tight to look like no gap, or all one sheet of paper, is that possible?

    Again, as stated above – all these changes can be achieved via simple code adjustments via a child theme.

    As for having the menu above the header image, this should be straight forward once image code has been formulated properly.

    I’d be more than happy to assist you with the child theme but this would have to sometime towards the end of next week – I’ve already dedicated the rest of this week and most of next week towards updates for WordPress 3.9 which has just gone live.


    Thanks for the helpful input Zulf and updating me on the terminology.
    You are correct, I was possibly confusing the two.
    The graphic that I was using for the header “background” was being imported into the “header” area, which is where I was thinking would fill the whole header area, but when I saw the 350×40 size reference, I got confused, but if youre saying thats really where the “site logo” goes to replace the “site title” then I can see why it would be so small.

    Now after looking at more descriptions again, I think youre saying that if no graphic was used in the header area, the menu would move all the way up like I was wanting, and then by the description inside the “customize” button, and looking closer at the images of the screenshot, I think that the slider pulls in the images used for the grid, to “slide/fade” for the site homepage top graphic. Is that how all this works? which is controlled in the “Home Page Options” area of the customize options?

    If all this is true, then what size should each of the grid pictures be to all fit right on the home page? I didnt see that mentioned anywhere?


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