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  • Hey,

    Trying to use your navmenu, as it gives amazing flexibility which is lacking in the basic Elementor plugin. However I can’t seem to get the menus to work, either in edit mode or on my front end. It shows up with a grey background bar in Editor, but doesnt display at all on the front end.

    I’m using generate press as my theme with a custom template built via style press plugin using elementor.

    the search bar works fine in both editor and front end, so I’m at a loss as to why the menus aren’t working.

    any tips?


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  • Sounds like there’s no menu setup or being selected from the dropdown box.

    Have at least 1 menu setup via Appearance >> Menus – you’ll then have the option to select that menu while in Elementor edit mode.

    that’s not the issue, i have my main menu set up and selected, have you had any other issues with visibility?

    No, no issues on my side or that have been reported thus far.

    Any chance for a url or at least some screenshots on the settings?

    I am having the same issue with this plugin. It looks like it has a lot of nice features but I cannot make the menu appear. I have the menu built and selected on the elementor side and I have tried with foundationpress and generate press and it is not showing on either one. Version 1.4.5 of elementor and Version 1.3.2 of elementor pro.

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    Could you guys post a link to the site(s) where you are implementing this please?

    Need to have a look at the source code to see if there’s anything that’s conflicting with the output.

    sure it is on this page it doesn’t show up at all

    Ok I got it working with chrome and now I am having trouble keeping the dropdown menu open long enough to click something. You can view it here ….

    I’m still having an issue with the plugin switching to a mobile nav at around 800px wide and it will not toggle open

    There seems to be a JS conflict between the one for the theme’s navigation and that of the plugin.

    I’ll be testing further with GeneratePress later this week and aim to release an update by Monday.

    I too added a new menu and it shows in my menu structure but when I go to my site it does now show anywhere. And yes I published and saved it. I cannot seem to figure out a way and have been working on for over 3 hours.

    If it helps I have the Sauron theme.

    Please advise


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Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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