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  • I am having the same issue.

    I have the plugin istalled on a site using a child theme to TwentyTwelve.

    When I use the regular search box from (located inthe sidebar of the pages with sidebars) and type in “Austin” iI get a results page with the navigation showing.

    When I use the Custom Menu Search using the dropdown for the city “Austin, TX” I get a results page with no menu navigation.

    I have checked theCSS and the problem seems to be in the responsive menu toggle.

    Regular search results for the page include this code for in the HTML for the header nav:

    <nav id="site-navigation" class="main-navigation gradient" role="navigation">
    			<h3 class="menu-toggle">Menu</h3>
    			<a class="assistive-text" href="#content" title="Skip to content">Skip to content</a>

    And then the div shows holding the menue items and the closing nav tag.

    Th html for the custom search results in:

    <nav id="site-navigation" class="main-navigation gradient" role="navigation">
    			<h3 class="menu-toggle" style="display: none; ">Menu</h3>
    			<a class="assistive-text" href="#content" title="Skip to content">Skip to content</a>

    Note that display:none; is in this result.

    I have not been able to determine what it is about the plugin that is causing this. Please help!

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  • Plugin Author don benjamin



    I’ve had a look at this and can see nothing in the twentytwelve theme which should cause this to happen, so can only presume it’s an incompatibility with the child theme.

    If you could send me a copy of your theme files I can have a quick look and see if I can rule that out.


    Thanks! I just saw that you had responded to my post. I will send the theme files over right away.

    hi, don, i’m having the exact same issue as crowdesign: when i run the search, the main page navigation disappears. everything else functions as expected.

    my specs are a little different: i’m using WP 3.8 and a modification of the newsworthy theme, not a child theme.

    the site is on a staging server for client review but hasn’t been approved for public viewing yet. can i email you a private link to the staging site? and if you would like a copy of the theme files, i can send those as well.

    Hi there, I’m having the same issue i.e. disappearing nav, but the plugin also seems to remove some of my footer.php content, which is being called using:

    <?php query_posts("page_id=#"); // GET FOOTER PAGE CONTENT ?>
        <?php if ( have_posts() ) while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
        <?php the_content(); ?>
        <?php endwhile; ?>
        <?php wp_reset_query(); ?>

    This footer content is appearing on all pages except search results, and when i deactivate the plugin, the footer content (and nav) appear again.

    🙁 It’s a great plugin and the only one i’ve come across that lets me search per my requirements.


    ** bump **

    Does anyone have a solution yet for the disappearing nav issue? Or know of an alternative plugin which allows for similar custom field searches?


    The same problem in eSell theme and WP 3.8.1

    I am looking into the plugin’s code…

    Great plugin, the search works perfect, but no menu and widgets in the search result page. For so far, a big problem.


    Same issue here, SmartShop Lite theme.

    Hello again guys.

    I figured out that the plugin is conflicting with Post Types Order plugin.
    When I’ve disabled Post Types Order plugin, main nav returned back.

    UPD: To be more specific Auto Sort option ruins main menu:

    If checked, the plug-in will automatically update the wp-queries to use the new order (No code update is necessarily).

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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