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  • When I enable this plugin and have a nav-menu on the widgets, this css is added to the index page and thus I can not over-ride it. I started with nav_menu-2 but then made another to see if that helped, but it just updated to 3. If I disable the plugin, it disappears. I have tried everything I can think of to bypass it but it’s not allowing links to get colored anything but white. Unsure what to do…

    <style>#nav_menu-3 ul li a{color:#ffffff !important;}#nav_menu-3 ul li.current-menu-item a{color:#ffffff !important;}#nav_menu-3 ul li a:hover{color:#ffffff !important;}#nav_menu-3 ul li {display:inline !important;}#nav_menu-3 li a:visited{color:#ffffff !important;}</style>

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  • Plugin Author anmari


    Hi, the plugin that does the widget will be adding it. Research ‘Wordpress stop stylesheet loading ‘ or if it’s hard cider not a stylesheet, then google how to override the css. You could also try that plugins support.

    Thanks for the super speedy reply!

    That’s the thing that has me stumped, it adds it on the page, not css sheet. As a developer do you know any tricks that would let me isolate those objects, perhaps inside of a div that negates ALL outside css? Even crazy little tricks are appreciated!

    Thanks for the direction, I’ll look more into the Custom Menu widget as the cause.

    Plugin Author anmari


    See or the last two sections here for tweaks you can make to the html surrounding the widget.

    if it’e echoing directly at widget time and not using a wp action or filter (which you could stop or remove – google how), then the best you can do is try avoid the styles applying to the html or override the css.

    two issues overriding CSS
    * use more selector .someting .sometihg #something {}
    * use !important – the only way to override inline CSS.
    Almost all CSS can override. There are just few exceptions. A least @keyframes, which can’t be overrided.

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