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  1. ddss
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I use Twenty Eleven theme and editing the child theme to look like my website. Here are the test sites: in website root integrated word press blog http://testblog.dacesita.com/ and the website to compare to: http://test.dacesita.com/bio-pics.html

    I struggle with nav bar. Each menu point has to be exactly the same length and not overlapping. Yet I can't get to it.

    Basically to get it to this point I had to play around with numbers for height and width. And still the distance between the

      s is a bit wider than I need. Seems like the width of each ul changes depending on every other value I try to adjust. And I can't get the text to be in middle of each ul. Horizontally yes, but not vertically. Whenever I play around the margin, the pink background displaces to right or bottom. Padding doesn't affect anything either. Also, I had to adjust margin to -72px in order to have it to the left
      '#access ul {
      font-size: 17px;
      list-style: none;
      margin: 0 0 0 -72px;}'

      I rather would have the margin-left at zero and move the individual

    • s to the left. seems not possible. if I do something either the pink background will move or the entire black menu will move.

      1) which value do I have to adjust to get each ul at the same length and stand independently?

      2) which value I have to adjust to get the text in middle vertically?

      I also have an impression that the containing <div> values change automatically as I adjust width or height. I can see, for instance 43px, but the actual height is 56px. and so on.

      thanks in advance.

  2. ddss
    Posted 3 years ago #

    solved myself, for the exception of -72px margin. Appears to be working now anyways.
    Reason why the values constantly changed was because they were an 'em'. as soon as I changed them to px, all worked.

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