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  • I love the idea of the “Press This” tool. However, it has one extremely annoying feature: it resizes my browser window. Read absolutely any book, tutorial, or web site about page design, and you will probably find a stern warning that this is Very Bad Design. Do not resize my browser window. Ever. I have it this size because I like it this size.

    Of course, I can set my browser preferences to prevent window resizing, and that fixes the plugin for me. If other users of my sites encounter this, though, I’m sure it will annoy them as much as it does me, and some of them won’t be willing/able to adjust their preferences to block it. I also have a philosophical problem with having to set my browser to block a behavior that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

    I scanned through the code, but couldn’t figure out where this irritating bit of formatting comes from. If a developer can either fix it or point me toward the source of the trouble, I’d be grateful. Thanks.

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