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  • Hi, Folks.      
    My new WordPress website is

    The Natural Learning Case Study Archives ( purposes to be a resource for the study of learning and a facility for collaborative research. 
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    The site is not public yet, in that search engines are discouraged and subscription is not open, but the material is directly accessible to any visitor.  
    Please consider taking a look. I’d be happy to get your reactions and suggestions.

    Bob Lawler

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  • Daniel


    Too many tags. If you need to keep them, move them to the right sidebar. Increase the font and width of the right sidebar. Auto center the whole site. Don’t use Times New Roman or Times anywhere on the webs. Use Arial or Georgia for the content font. Check out Google Web Fonts plugin to change fonts for whole site.

    Thank you kindly for your analysis. I take it seriously and will explore font changes. I DO need to keep all the tags because they enable the analytical exploration of the data in the archive. I do
    expect to re-work the right sidebar. Why? I believe the best use of
    this material will be based on the process “Posting Linked Data”
    described at the end of the “How_to” entry point. For a good example,
    see “RWLtagLng+Y1” under the “editors” horizontal menu. If and when
    I do change fonts, I will certainly follow up your pointers to the Google Web Fonts plugin to change fonts for the whole site.
    Thank you so much! I appreciate your time thoughtful comments.

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    Fixed the font problem lionsdendesigns rightly complained of.
    Adjusted right sidebar and reduced clutter. Did a good week’s
    worth of SEO prep and have now removed the search engine
    inhibition check mark in the readings settings. Guess it’s public.
    Thank you, to the word press community that makes this possible!



    @boblawler You’re welcome! Thank you for taking some of my suggestions.

    People do not like the organization-revealing names I give to pages, e.g. “LC3cA1.”
    They want names that mean something, as in “Case Analysis Support Environment.”
    But article titles are too long for use in sidebar listings. Solution: use redirection with
    a short, meaningful name, in this case “Vision” to transfer control to the target page.
    Thanks to “MyPostsOrder” and “QuickPage/PostRedirect” plugins which make it possible.

    Looking good Bob! Here is just one small suggestion about making the site friendlier for new, naive users. If a user goes to the base URL they land on the Welcome page, but here’s no explanatory text to actually welcome the user to the site on that page. The best introduction to the work is on the NLCSA page. Perhaps it would be good to put a few lines of welcoming and explanatory text at the top of the Welcome page with an invitation to further explore the NLCSA page for more info and end that text with a convenient link to the NLCSA page.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Added a link to the about page, NLCSA and encourage visitors to see the “Guests” post.

    I notice that the high-res videos are critical for in-depth analysis, but they take so long to load no one will probably ever be able to see them. I know you expect few people to be interested, but this will be a problem for anyone who does try to ues them. Are you thinking about it? Will WP shortcodes help, or do you need something more intricate?



    Your evaluation is sound. The problem is real. Two changes address the problems:
    Educational material — talks and demos — can be presented in “HighRes” and in
    FastLoad” formats. See “Five Pioneers talk about Learning, AI, and Education”
    at for an example of the structure

    For the analytical use of the corpus, a variation is significant: the video clips also
    need to appear as “FastLoad” files, but the analysis must have access to the best
    video available. The solution: present panels in the “FastLoad” format, with links
    into video pane specific “clipNotes” which also include the HighRes video files. For
    a preliminary analytical example see P146, “Order Triumphs” at

    Links to “clipNotes” exhibit the future structure. See
    I have a lot of work ahead, but I am into it with energy.

    PS. if one asks about analysis data-entry, note that I will use multiple browsers
    ( Firefox, Safari,Chrome) with front-end editing of primary files…



    What is your goal with your website?



    Thank you for your essential question.

    The practical answer: 1.) research and 2.) developing the case study method.
    For a bit more information, see

    The existential answer:
    I have worked with the brightest people in the world investigating the nature of mind. See: “Five Pioneers talk about Learning, AI, and Education” at

    My second case study, as published, was judged “the finest single study of
    children’s learning we have, in care, in detail, in breadth, and in sensitivity of perspective.” Here I publish supporting background material of that study,
    for review and criticism. Full disclosure is what science requires.
    My third case study is even richer and more pregnant with meaning for understanding the nature of mind and how it is created through experience.
    The analysis of that material is my life mission, which I have committed myself to undertake openly, so critics can question details, argue with my interpretations,
    or show how much smarter they are than I am (easy to do).
    My first case study is important because our answers are found in our questions.

    Personally, my life has been wonderfully blest, as one might expect for a person
    born on the rarest day of the Gregorian calendar in the year of the Golden Dragon.
    Once a runner, I’ve caught my second wind, and will go on “whilst this machine is to me.”

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