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  1. Ronan H
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi there, I am having a small issue with the above theme in that any new posts I make appear with no spaces between the paragraphs when published...I have searched on this and come up short!

    Examples can be seen at http://www.ratoathtennisclub.ie whereby the text in all of the posts have no spaces between the paragraphs. When writing the posts I am using the WYSIWYG editor using ENTER to move on to the next paragraph etc., but I have also tried using the HTML editor and entering p tags and nbsp's, but to no avail. I publish my posts to a Facebook page and when they are pushed to the page they appear there also with no spaces.

    When you click into a post it is displayed correctly.

    If anyone could shed some light on this I would be very grateful as it's the only issue I am having with a lovely clean theme (Well done NattyWP!).

    To help you to help me, I don't completely understand PHP os CSS stuff, but I am absolutely happy to edit code in files if needs be. As long as I am told where togo and what to do I will be fine. I imagine it is a simple issue to resolve, well, hopefully anyway!




  2. I'm sorry but as you are using a commercial theme, you need to seek support from the theme's vendors.

    In the meantime, using Firefox with the Firebug add-on for this kind of CSS work.

  3. Ronan H
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks Christine :o)

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