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  • Hi

    We are considering using Algolia for our Woocommerce Store. We have signed up a Algolia Community account yesterday for testing the integration. We are using this plugin for the integration.

    We are using “Use Algolia in the backend” integration method as shown below:

    I think we have gotten most of the issues worked out. However, there are a few road blocks that we would need your help with.

    1) On the Native Woocommerce Search Result Page, would it be possible to get all the Native Woocommerce Filters to work with the Search Results from Algolia, as if the Search Result is coming from Native Woocommerce Search?

    I am referring to these Native Woocommerce Filters.

    Presently, all these Native Filters show up at the Search Result Page, but they are “not relevant” to the items from Angolia Search Results at all.

    2) We are not able to index all our products. We kept getting the “Host Unreachable” error half way through. Note that we have approx 13k simple products in our Woocommerce store. Please refer below:

    And every time we restart the reindexing, it would start from zero again. Basically we wasted a lot of “operation credits” due to this.

    Is there a way to resolve this issue?

    I hope you can help us move forward.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Can someone please help?

    Hi, I’m not related to this plugin, but if I’m not 100% clear on what you are calling “Native Woocommerce Filters”. You may be referring to Nexter’s Product Filters for Woocommerce as “Native Filters”. They are not made by Woocommerce but by a third party. or maybe you are looking for the WooCommerce hooks, which are documented at

    It seems that Product Filters for Woocommerce offers a similar product to Algolia. This plugin enables us to replace the search field function. Algolia offers much more functionality (but requires developer time, and intentionally have discontinued efforts to support plug-and-play with WordPress). Since we pay for WooCommerce and Algolia but not for this WordPress plugin, those communities may have more support to offer us. I see that nobody responded to you for several weeks so decided to chip in.

    Also I noticed that the option you selected, “Use Algolia in the backend”, specifically says, “This option does not support filtering and displaying instant search results but has the advantage to play nicely with any theme.” So I think the answer is that it does not support filtering.

    What Algolia plan do you have? The free community plan is limited to 10,000 records.

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    @zorro2288 did the feedback from @twocs help at all? or are you still riddled with some questions?

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